Celia Chaiban PhD Student (UCL, ULB co-supervision)

  • celia.chaiban@uclouvain.be
  • +32 10 47 28 70

PhD project

Celia is a PhD student based at UCL under the supervision of Sophie Vanwambeke, co-supervised by M. Gilbert at SpELL. Her thesis deals with the development of farm distribution models that could translate aggregated statistics on livestock numbers per census unit into spatially-realistic distribution of individual farms. Her investigations are carried out along a gradient of intensification with analyses carried out with data from Kenya, Thailand, and Belgium. This allows better understanding of the factors influencing farms distributions. Better and more realistic distribution data at the farm level will help environmental and epidemiological impact assessments.



Clade-level Spatial Modelling of HPAI H5N1 Dynamics in the Mekong Region Reveals New Patterns and Associations with Agro-Ecological Factors
J. Artois, S.H. Newman, M.S. Dhingra, C. Chaiban, C. Linard, G. Cattoli, I. Monne, A. Fusaro, I. Xenarios, R. Engler, R. Liechti, D. Kuznetsov, T.L. Pham, T. Nguyen, V.D. Pham, D. Castellan, S. Von Dobschuetz, F. Claes, G. Dauphin, K. Inui and M. Gilbert.
"Scientific Reports", vol. 6, 2016.

Global mapping of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 and H5Nx clade viruses with spatial cross-validation
M.S. Dhingra, J. Artois, T.P. Robinson, C. Linard, C. Chaiban, I. Xenarios, R. Engler, R. Liechti, D. Kuznetsov, X. Xiao, S.V. Dobschuetz, F. Claes, S.H. Newman, G. Dauphin and M. Gilbert.
"eLife", vol. 5, 2016.