Jean Artois PhD Student

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Jean joined the SpELL team in October 2014 as a Ph.D. candidate, looking at the spatial distribution of avian influenza viruses in human and poultry. He tries to develop boosted regression trees models within the context of recent epidemics and epizooties, notably the epidemics of the A (H7N9) virus in live bird markets of China and the epizootie of the A (H5N8) virus of duck farms of “foie gras” of southwestern France. Jean holds an MSc in parasite ecology at the University of Montpellier and an M.Sc. in geomatics engineering from the university of Rennes where he had the opportunity to do research on the ecology of rodents and their pathogens in South East Asia and tick-borne diseases in southern Norway. Its research has enabled it to develop computer programming and statistical analysis skills. Additional information about Jean’s work can be found on his ResearchGate account.



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