Maude Jacquot Scientific collaborator (INRA)

  • +32 2 650 37 80


Maude is currently based at the INRA and is currently involved in the PaleBlu project as scientific collaborator, before joining us in the framework of this project in April 2019. Maud will investigate how dispersal patterns inferred from phylogeographic analysis compare to those obtained from spatio-temporal analyses of outbreaks records, using Bluetongue as study case.


Bluetongue virus spread in Europe is a consequence of climatic, landscape and vertebrate host factors as revealed by phylogeographic inference
M. Jacquot, K. Nomikou, M. Palmarini, P. Mertens, and R. Biek.
"Proc. R. Soc. B", Vol. 284, Issue 1864, Pages 20170919, 2017.