Simon Dellicour Scientific collaborator (ULB) / Post-doc (KUL)

Biographical sketch.

Simon did a PhD under the supervision of Patrick Mardulyn (ULB, EBE) and a first post-doc with Oliver Pybus in the Department of Zoology (Univ. Oxford), and is currently doing a Postdoc in the group of Philippe Lemey (KUL). Simon obtained an FNRS postdoc grant to join our team in 2018 and currently has a status of scientific collaborator.

Research interests.

Simon has broad interests in molecular epidemiology, animal/plant/virus phylogeography, population, spatial and landscape genetics. He developped several programs and packages such as GCALIGNER, SPADS and PHYLOGEOSIM and SERAPHIM.

Note that only 5 representative publications are listed below, the full list of Simon’s publications can be found on his KUL web page.



Using Viral Gene Sequences to Compare and Explain the Heterogeneous Spatial Dynamics of Virus Epidemics
S. Dellicour, R. Rose, N.R. Faria, L.F.P. Vieira, H. Bourhy, M. Gilbert, P. Lemey and O.G. Pybus.
"Molecular Biology and Evolution", vol. 34, issue 10, 2017.