Simon Dellicour Post-doc (ULB) / Scientific collaborator (KU Leuven)

Biographical sketch.

Simon did a PhD under the supervision of Patrick Mardulyn (ULB, EBE), a first post-doc with Oliver Pybus in the Department of Zoology (Univ. Oxford), and a second Postdoc in the group of Philippe Lemey (KU Leuven). Simon obtained an FNRS postdoc grant and joined our team in October 2018. Simon is also a scientific collaborator of the Evolutionary and Computational Virology lab at the Rega Institute (KU Leuven)

Research interests.

Simon has broad interests in molecular epidemiology, animal/plant/virus phylogeography, population, spatial and landscape genetics. He developped several programs and packages such as GCALIGNER, SPADS, PHYLOGEOSIM and SERAPHIM

External links: ResearchGate, Google Scholar, Research profile on the RTBF website for the radio program “Les Eclaireurs” (in French)


Landscape genetic analyses of Cervus elaphus and Sus scrofa: comparative study and analytical developments
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Mass migration to Europe: an opportunity for elimination of hepatitis B virus?
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Phylodynamic assessment of intervention strategies for the West African Ebola virus outbreak
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