Simon Dellicour Scientific collaborator (ULB) / Post-doc (KUL)

Biographical sketch.

Simon did a PhD under the supervision of Patrick Mardulyn (ULB, EBE) and a first post-doc with Oliver Pybus in the Department of Zoology (Univ. Oxford), and is currently doing a Postdoc in the group of Philippe Lemey (KUL). Simon obtained an FNRS postdoc grant to join our team in 2018 and currently has a status of scientific collaborator.

Research interests.

Simon has broad interests in molecular epidemiology, animal/plant/virus phylogeography, population, spatial and landscape genetics. He developped several programs and packages such as GCALIGNER, SPADS and PHYLOGEOSIM and SERAPHIM.

Note that only 5 representative publications are listed below, the full list of Simon’s publications can be found on his KUL web page.



Explaining the geographic spread of emerging epidemics: a framework for comparing viral phylogenies and environmental landscape data
S. Dellicour, R. Rose and O.G. Pybus.
"BMC Bioinformatics", vol. 17, issue 1, 2016.

SERAPHIM: studying environmental rasters and phylogenetically informed movements
S. Dellicour, R. Rose, N.R. Faria, P. Lemey and O.G. Pybus.
"Bioinformatics", vol. 32, issue 20, 2016.


Delimiting Species-Poor Data Sets using Single Molecular Markers: A Study of Barcode Gaps, Haplowebs and GMYC
S. Dellicour and J.F. Flot.
"Systematic Biology", vol. 64, issue 6, 2015.


Comparing Phylogeographic Hypotheses by Simulating DNA Sequences under a Spatially Explicit Model of Coalescence
S. Dellicour, C. Kastally, O.J. Hardy and P. Mardulyn.
"Molecular Biology and Evolution", vol. 31, issue 12, 2014.

spads 1.0: a toolbox to perform spatial analyses on DNA sequence data sets
S. Dellicour and P. Mardulyn.
"Molecular Ecology Resources", vol. 14, issue 3, 2014.