New paper on wild birds and the spread of avian influenza

On October 20 2016 by Marius Gilbert

A new H5N8 virus emerged in the years 2014-2015 and rapidly spread across several continents, causing several avian influenza outbreaks in Europe and in the USA. As part of a large consortium of researchers, we published this week a new paper in Science that combines phylogeography, epidemiology and data on poultry trade to conclude that wild migratory birds played an important role in this rapid spread.


Geovet conference in Valdivia (Chile)

On October 19 2016 by Marius Gilbert

Four members of the lab will be attending the Geovet conferences in November, with talks on the spread of Bluetonge (G. Nicolas), on large-scale suitability models for HPAI H5N1 viruses (J. Artois), on farm distribution models (C. Chaiban) and status of the gridded livestock of the world database (M. Gilbert).